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About us

Dotamos S.A.S started on September 24, 1993, and since then it has come a long way in the industry, producing and commercializing uniforms both nationally and internationally.

We offer a specialized wide portfolio based on quality and the customer needs. It is constituted by different kinds of clothing such as shirts, pants, overalls, work jeans, vests, hats, protection accessories, and shoes which are the perfect complement for each garment.

Our designs are made in resistant materials, which adjust to the day-to-day demands. Besides, we provide the possibility to customize the clothing with different designs and techniques such as stamping, embroidering, sublimating, and transferring.

Dotamos S.A.S is a company specialized in supplying uniforms to all kinds of industries, with designs and manufacturing that adapt to the demands of companies. We seek to provide full satisfaction to the user expectations in the different areas of action through the provision of an excellent service, a wide distribution network, quality garments, and commitment to the development and growth of both our staff and the community in general; while we keep criteria of reasonable profit margin.

Dotamos S.A.S projects itself as an efficient and dynamic company with constant development of new product lines and distribution networks, both nationally and internationally; besides, with progressive growth to become strategic allies of our customers satisfying their needs and demands, and also to fulfill the profitability goals with our partners.

Reliability, commitment, honesty, quality, creativity, innovation, teamwork.