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Women’s blue long sleeve chambray blouse, princess style, with pocket on left front.

Fabric: Indigo 5 oz.

Composition: 100% cotton

Gender: Women

Available colors: dark blue, light blue

Care tips:

100% cotton fabrics

Long sleeve Oxford striped shirt for women, princess style and neck in tie style.

Composition: 65% cotton – 35% polyester.

Gender: Women

Available colors:


Care tips:

Prendas mixtas

Light blue long sleeve Oxford shirt for women, princess style and neck in tie style.

Composition: 65% cotton – 35% polyester.

Gender: Women

Available colors:

Care tips:

Prendas mixtas

Long-sleeved shirt with collar for tie usage

Gender: Women´s

Fabric: Oxford

Composition: 55% Cotton – 45% Polyester

Colors availability:

Care tips:

Black women’s shoes, leather upper 12/14, antiperspirant or permeable lining according to the customer’s needs, internal insole in bonded knitwear No. 1.8, TR, PVC or Spanso sole, reinforcement between insole and sole in Odena No. 1.8, luxury insole antiperspirant produair.

Gender: women

Available colors: black

Short sleeve blue Lafayette shirt for women, princess style, with neck Salamanca.

Composition: 65% cotton 35% polyester

Gender: Women

Care tips:

Prendas mixtas


Jean in 10.7 oz stretch indigo, five pockets, copper zipper, and copper-colored metallic tack (stud) button.

Gender: Women

Fabrics: 10.7 oz stretch indigo

Composición:83% cotton – 15% polyester – 2% spandex

Available colors:

Care tips:

Mixed clothing

Upper: Semi greasy leather, caliber 2.0 – 2.2 mm

Safety Toecap: In composite plastic, with European specifications according to EN 12568-S / 1998 standard, Impact resistance
200 +/- 4J, numeral 4.1.3. Resistance to compression 15 +/- 0.1 KN. numeral 4.1.4

Lining: Surfaced: Non-woven fabric in 2 mm polyester fibers. Protects the foot from contact with the toe.

Side: Polyester fabric with 5 mm foam. Provides comfort

Eyelets: Plastic, internal diameter 3/16 ”

Seams: Continuous nylon thread of high tenacity, No 40, excellent elastic recovery, resistant to moisture and abrasion. Resistance 4470 cN. 1cN (centiniwton) = 1.02 grams force.

Sole: Direct injection to the cut in Polyurethane (PU), Bidensity, light, comfortable, characterized for being Resistant to Hydrocarbons (R.H.) and Dielectric (D.E.).

Abrasion: “When all rubber or all polymeric footwear soles are tested as described in NTC ISO 20344, numeral 8.3, the relative volume loss must not exceed 250 mm3″ NTC-ISO 20345 numeral 5.8.3 ” .

Note: the NTC ISO 20344: 2007 method, number 8.3, is equivalent to Method DIN 53516.

Note 2: Typical abrasion values ​​for a PU sole are usually below 100 mm3

Flexion: NTC-ISO 20345 numeral 5.8.4. When non-leather soles are tested in accordance with NTC ISO 20344: 2007, numeral 8.4, incision growth should not exceed 4 mm before 30,000 flexion cycles.

Electrical Resistance: ASTM F 2413-11, numeral – 18000 Volts (rms) at 60 Hz for 1 minute – current of
maximum leak 1 milliamp in dry conditions.

Resistance to Hydrocarbons: NTC-ISO 20345, numeral 5.8.7. When tested in accordance with standard NTC-ISO 20344: 2007, numeral 8.6.1, the increase in volume should not exceed 12%.

Hardness: Between 50 and 60 +/- 5 Shore A

Laces: Polyester, round braid with acetate dropouts. Length 90 cms.

Insole: 3 mm EVA sheet, anatomic, bonded with polyester fabric.

Height: 4 +/- ¼ inches

Weight: average 950 g

Simple and short gloves for protection of fingers and hands, suitable for the handling of elements that may cause friction or wear of the skin, handling of hot elements intermittently and in jobs with medium risk of puncture, cutting and abrasion

Code: 11931112

Gender: Man

Available colors: Yellow

Sizes available: M – L

Yellow warrior boots in PVC, 100% waterproof, with steel safety toecap, resistant to hydrocarbons.

Cane: Made of PVC of great strength and flexibility, it offers greater freedom to the movement of the leg.

Hardness: 55 +/- 2 Shore A.

Toe cap: safety toe cap in steel with dielectric coating according to EN 12568-S standard.

Sole: Self-soothing, non-slip sole with ergonomic design and anti-impact heel protection. Hardness 65 +/- 2 Shore A.


  • Rear reinforcement
  • Reinforced buttress for anti-impact protection in the heel
  • Ankle protector.

Black Evacol shoe with non-slip sole.

Genre: Unisex

Available colors: navy, black, white