The 2019 Survey Results Using Consumer Types to Understand the Path to Purchase is a report published in July 2019 under the direction of Amrutha Shridhar (Research Consultant at Euromonitor International) that provides information so that companies can better adapt to the demands of their potential customers and thus increase their sales. This Euromonitor International study defines the different kinds of consumers that currently exist globally:
Impulsive Spender: this profile represents 15% of consumers worldwide. They are bargain lovers and buy impulsively when they find a good offer. They don’t use to worry about the future but live in the short term.
Conservative homebody: with 13% of total consumers, this profile bases its purchasing decisions on the value for money of the products. Home and family are their main motivations, they like to go unnoticed and prefer others to decide for them. They are not especially materialistic and have a rather conservative profile although they sometimes enjoy trying new things.
Minimalist Seeker: they make up 12% of global buyers. They have a simple aesthetic and way of life, they live in a modest environment and do not care especially about their physical appearance. They don’t like well-known brands and use to buy only the essentials. In fact, they prefer to repair their old products than to buy new ones.
Secure Traditionalist: with another 12%, this group avoids buying at all costs. They never bet on premium brands or products and prefer to save money than spend. They are not loyal to brands since they choose the lowest price.
Undaunted Striver: they represent 10% of total consumers globally. They love new technologies, go to the latest fashion and care a lot about their image. They enjoy trying new things and often look for Premium brands products. They live in the present, prefer to spend than to save and their purchases can be impulsive.
Empowered Activist: 9% of buyers belong to this group. They are convinced that their small daily actions can make a difference and contribute to a better world. They are very aware of the global problems and, as a consequence, they value the quality and durability of the products and are willing to pay more for it.
Inspired Adventurer: this 8% of consumers like trying new things. They love adventure and have a special interest in living abroad and being self-sufficient. They are cautious when it comes to spending money since they care about the future and this leads them to save. They look for quality products even though they don’t care what others think of them.
Digital Enthusiast: with 6% of the total, these buyers are technology lovers. Sometimes they enjoy virtual experiences more than real life. They usually make their purchases online and love trying new products, always at affordable prices. They are not interested in the latest trends, well-known brands or environmentally friendly products.
Balanced Optimist: this 5% is cautious, prefers quality over quantity and studies value for money before buying. It greatly values health and personal well-being and, as a result, bets on ethical and durable products. Occasionally, however, these consumers allow themselves small whims in the form of non-premeditated purchases.
Cautious Planner: the remaining 4% of consumers are the opposite of Impulsive Spenders. Their purchases are premeditated, they only buy really necessary articles and they are very faithful to the brands. Although they are savers, low prices are not a key issue. They bet on traditional channels, avoiding eCommerce and credit cards.